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  • Kirk Hansen

    • Cheesemaker by day and maple producer in the “not so spare” time.  After the family sold the cows, Kirk started in the cheesemaking field where he has been working the craft for 24 + years!  He is currently working to attain the title of Master Cheesemaker.  Although he works 6 days a week, he still manages to make time to spend with the family and enjoys being outdoors.  You will most likely see him in the “off season” out in the woods with a chainsaw in hand, out in the boat fishing or in the tree stand hunting.  When it comes to syrup season, Kirk is everything….from the line set-up to tapping to cooking.  He’s very humble about it all but his family agrees there would be no season if it weren’t for his amazing work ethic.

    Brenda Hansen

    • Brenda grew up on a dairy farm and met her husband while she was working in the cheese store at the plant where Kirk works (yeah – the love story is definitely a little “cheesy”).  Having received her associate’s degree in accounting, she spends her days between bookkeeping and assisting in the cheese store.  Brenda’s true passion, however, is in the baking.  All you have to do is ask Kirk how much syrup she goes through on batches of cookies or pans of cheesecake bites for friends and co-workers and he’ll agree!  She also volunteers her time by serving on the Wood County 4-H Leaders Association Executive Committee as Treasurer and as a Director of District 3 and Secretary for the WMSPA (WI Maple Syrup Producers Association).  When the season is on, she is most likely helping collect sap and keeping records (she leaves the cooking to her husband).

  • Aaron Hansen

    • The oldest of two, Aaron is described as a teenager that is wise beyond his years and is known by his friends as A-Aron (its’s a you-tube thing).  A middle school student, Aaron balances his time between family, friends, chores and sports.  He loves mountain biking, baseball, snowboarding, wakeboarding, snowmobiling, helping his grandpa with the Rupps at the snowmobile shows and hunting.  He’s anxiously awaiting his buck mount from the taxidermist.  He is also active in his local 4-H Club, FFA Chapter, NICA and NASP (National Archery in Schools).  When it comes to syrup, Aaron is always willing to help with the collecting and enjoys spending time with his dad by the evaporator.

  • Carter Hansen

    • Carter is Carter is a common saying in the household of the family’s youngest.  An elementary student, Carter enjoys football and spending time with his family and friends.  He can most often be found by the snowmobiles or 4-wheelers.  He is also one of the first to suggest a trip to the cabin up north or taking a break to go fishing (from the boat or kayak – no preference). When it comes to maple season, Carter is always the first to volunteer to drive the 4-wheeler for collection (and he’s a good taste tester for his mom’s samples!). 

  • Not to be forgotten….

    • There is simply not enough room to write or time to thank all the others that help along the way.  Kirk and Brenda agree they would be lost without their faithful neighbor Fred who is always ready to meet the boys when they get off the bus and get a jump start on collecting.  He also introduced the lines as a “fun trial” a few years back.  Kirk’s dad, semi-retired Roger, is another integral part as he gets the evaporator fired up before Kirk and Brenda are able to get home.  Also deserving a shout out is Brenda’ brother Chris – he’s always willing to stop over when an extra hand is needed (showing how to use the filter press, helping re-set a smoke stack, he just never knows what his little sister has in hand for him).  There are so many other family members and friends to thank and we hope they know who they are.

    • You – ALL of you – the customers of Hansen’s Sugar Shack.  The shack would not be what it is without each and every one of you – and for that, we cannot say thank you enough and we are so excited to continue to share the quality maple products you have come to expect and enjoy. 

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